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The Magic of Tumeric

Turmeric is famous throughout history for its healing properties.   It is the magical spice in Ayuverda and treats inflammation and chronic diseases.  It has been proven repeatedly to control diabetes and has even been shown to reduce brain tumors by a shocking 81%.  It can even treat acne!  What can turmeric do for you?

Nutritional Powerhouse: Chia

Have you ever heard of Chia Seeds?  More fatty acids that salmon?  More anitioxidants than berries?  More calcium than milk?  There is more nutrition packed in these little guys than you could possibly imagine!  What other superfoods could you add to your diet for a massive infusion of nutrition?

What Am I Really Eating?  What are you really eating?  Whether you are trying to lose weight, treat a health condition, or simple improve your general wellbeing, the first step is educating yourself.  The most powerful tool you can have to improve your lifestyle is not to try to stop the path you're on, but rather to show yourself why you  want to change directions!

All Natural Food Encyclopedia  Rapidly expanding comprehensive guide to foods, vitamins and minerals, their health benefits, alternative uses, and how to incorporate them into your diet.

TheDiseaseMyth.com   Understand the myth about diseases.  Your body is trying to tell you what it needs.  Every symptom is your body's way of saying there is something that it is not getting. 

AntiInflammatory Foods  See this list of key foods to add to your diet to prevent and heal inflammation.


Superfood Secrets of a Supermodel
Miranda Kerr is certainly best known for her career as a supermodel and now her impressive post-baby body but many don’t know that she has a degree in nutrition and is passionate about natural living. Find out  about all her favorite superfoods here.  One may surprise you!

Your Trip to the Market

How much do you know about what is in your food?    Adding value to your nutrition is only half the battle.  What should you be subtracting?  What is hidden in your food that is detracting from your hard work?  Am you making myself sick?  Or worse, are you eating myself to death?  Use this guide to make food selections as convenient as possible to accommodate your lifestyle.